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Family Oriented Real Estate Agent


Experienced. Knowledgeable. Professional.

I am originally from Mason Texas, a small town located right outside of Fredericksburg TX where we enjoy hunting, kayaking, and of course a glass or two of wine with life long friends!

I often joke that "I don't have a life...only when I take vacation that is planned well in advance!" 

I truly am a self proclaimed work-a-holic and a foodie! I stay sane by reading and taking family vacations once or twice a year! 8 years ago we were blessed with the most beautiful baby girl that looks just like my husband who would lie and tell you she has my attitude! 

We live in the quickly growing Aledo area where we love taking part in all of the wonderful community activities that are perfect for families.

Prior to entering real estate, I attended the University of Texas for my basics and received my Nursing degree in San Antonio Texas where I quickly learned I am not a fan of needles. 

I decided to pursue my true passion...real estate where I spent 5 years mentoring under and gaining extensive knowledge from some of the regions best builders, land developers, architects, and designers. 

I truly believe my proven work ethic and desire to exceed expectations combined with insider knowledge can help you find your dream home and get top dollar selling your home!

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